Seven Reasons To Have An Oregon Coast Elopement

From the quirky cool city of Portland to the thriving diversity of nature, Oregon is a magical place. It’s a wonderland for anyone who enjoys outdoors. I spent a few days shooting on Oregons northern coast, and here are some of the highlights to why I think its an absolutely dreamy place to elope or get married.

#7 Lush Oregonian mountains meet the coast

I love the outdoors. If you gave me the choice between hiking mountains or relaxing on the beach for vacation, it would be very difficult for me to choose.  So, when I had the opportunity to visit Oregon’s northern coast, you could only imagine how excited I was. Over 3/4ths of Oregon’s beaches sit at the base of the Oregon Coast Mountain Range, which spans  over 200 miles from the northern border to the Coquille River. Imagine taking photos on the beach with one (or more) of the Oregon Coasts 16 peaks as your backdrop. 

#6 Long sandy beaches…

I’ve never seen beaches as wide as the ones on the Oregon Coast. When the tide is low, there is so much space. Sand color spans from golden to warm brown. There is also a black sand beach. (I wasn’t luck enough to see Oregon’s Black Sand beach, but the one in Maui was incredible.) The northern coast features the longest stretches of unbroken beach. The most wild, rugged beach terrain is more in the south.

#5 …perfect for long runs, um, walks, on the beach

You really can’t do a beach elopement without running down the shoreline or dancing with your partner at least once! Whether you walk, run, dance or do all three, it will be romantic and result in super cute pictures. 

#4 Reflective, glass-like water

The thin stretches of water that span across much of the shoreline creates a beautiful, glassy. It looks like you’re standing above a mirror. It’s just as clear in real life, and is absolutely stunning in photographs.

#3 Splashing around + cute play fights

The long stretches of thin and shallow water makes Oregon beaches a perfect spot for play fights! Have some fun with your partner on your special day by splashing around (or each other) while sharing some laughs.


#2 Look like a goddess in your bridal photos

Golden hour lighting on the Oregon coast is magnificent. Pair that with your gorgeous self and the beautiful scenery, and you’ll be looking like Aphrodite herself in your pictures. 

#1 Dreamy golden hour sunsets

I cannot emphasize how gorgeous the golden hour (hour before sunset) light is on the Oregon beach is. It’s so incredibly dreamy. The orange and pink hues contrast perfectly with the soft blue ocean. What could be better than finishing the daylight hours of your wedding day watching the sun set over the ocean?


Photography: Darby Rachelle

Couple: Naba Zabih & Kilen Murphy

Location: Manzanita Beach, Oregon

Recommended Beaches

There are countless options when it comes to beautiful Oregon Coast beaches, these are the ones I visited during the three days I visited and absolutely loved.

Manzanita Beach — Manzanita beach is where the photos in this post were taken. It’s seven miles long and super wide. Plus, its beside a cute little beach town with great restaurants. 

Hug Point Beach — Hug Point Beach has a diverse amount of scenery and lots to explore, including caves, lush hiking trails, and of course, the beach.

Canon Beach ­— Everything special about the Oregon coast can be found here.  It has miles on miles of sandy beach.

One quick warning

I do not recommend swimming on the Oregon Coast. I mean you technically can, but the water is very cold, rough, and contains deadly rip currents. The Oregon coast is beautiful and so much fun, but if actually getting in to the water is what you’d like to do, I would highly recommend going elsewhere.